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We specialize in the following areas of Investments, but we also create solutions tailor-made to clients requirements

  • Advisory

  • Portfolio and Risk Management

  • Deal Sourcing

  • Co-investments

  • Partner creation

  • Credit structuring

  • Cross border Arbitrage

  • Interest financing

Investments Strategy


Value Investing:


Our principal has been to invest in a diverse range of Global equities. We use methods to hedge our positions, enabling us to have secure and sustainable growth, whilst controlling our risk.

We invest with a vision to encapsulate long term-value, and believe over a period of time, most uncertainties and speculative effects level themselves out, leaving us with the raw value proposition, built on strong, solid, and sustainable fundamentals. We analyze market dynamics and behavioral economics to time our investments well.

We have a strong emphasis on company diversity and culture; enabling us to make conscious, aware, decisions. Purple Investments’ team has a strong value system, where intelligence, execution, and knowledge work hand-in-hand. Our people are diverse, yet very locally integrated.

We care about the communities we are in.
We help build our clients, our selves, and our local communities.

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